All products (purchased in www.Pro-Mix.lv), acquired the Consumer (A natural person who expressed a wish to acquire or has acquired, or that could possibly acquire or use a product or a service for purposes which are not related to business or professional activity of the person) are covered by a warranty in accordance with the warranty period specified by the manufacturer and in accordance with the conditions specified in the instructions for use of the product or  in the warranty card provided by a manufacturer. The minimum warranty period for any product - 1 year, maximum - 3 years.
Product warranty is confirmed by a warranty card, which is issued at the time of receipt of goods. The warranty period is determined from the date of receipt of the warranty card till the end of the period specified in the warranty card.
During the warranty period a defective product is repaired or replaced with a new or a similar product.
The warranty period is not extended to the product exchanged under the warranty, the previous warranty period remains valid - starting from the date of issuance of the warranty card and up to warranty expiry date specified therein.
Guarantee applies only to internal technical damage of the product.
Warranty does not cover the following damage:
· Damage caused by penetration of foreign bodies in the product: substances, liquids, paper, insects, etc.
· Damage caused by the elements, fire, domestic factors, unintentional external factors (rapid change of voltage in the electricity mains, storm, etc.)
          and other unforeseen accidents.
· Damage caused by mismatch of the parameters in the power supply, telecommunications and cable networks, and other similar external factors.
· Damage caused by the use of substandard materials, reserve parts, components, accessories, all kinds of information carriers
          (Including CD-ROMs, floppy disks, and many others), which do not meet the standards.
· Damage caused by the  improper use of the product to which it was not designed, as well as  a consequence of physical, chemical,
          thermal and other overloads which exceed the endurance limits of the products specified by the manufacturer
Warranty does not cover:
· Supplies, accessories kits, batteries, batteries, mechanical accessories
          (Holder of printer paper, mouse pad, etc.)
· Installed software (operating systems, applications, file systems) and user data (documents, programs and settings).
If you found any manufacturer’s defects in the purchased product, please, deliver the product with the documents confirming the purchase and warranty to the
Office of
If the manufacturer of the purchased product has an authorized service center, we recommend to contact the specialists of the service center with the warranty item
As in the case of contacting Pro-Mix.lv time  we will need more time to  solve the problem (to our regret) due to the need of physical delivery to the service center and back.
The addresses of authorized service centers and their contact numbers can be found on the warranty card issued to you.
The addresses of authorized service centers can be also found on the official website of manufacturers

1. "Elektronika Serviss SIA" Riga, Tadaiķu iela 4, Rīga, LV-1004, Phone: +371 67717060

        Working hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00-18:00
Saturday: 10:00-16:00
Sunday: holiday